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Valuation and Common Sense


(2019, 7th edition)

Chapters. Valuation and Common Sense (2019, 7th edition).  Downloadable at:
  Table of contents, acknowledgments, glossary
1 Company valuation methods
2 Cash flow discounting: fundamental relationships and unnecessary complications
3 Cash flow valuation methods: perpetuities, constant growth and general case
4 Valuing companies by cash flow discounting: ten methods and nine theories
5 WACC: definition, misconceptions and errors
6 Valuation using multiples: dispersion. Useful to compare and to negotiate
7 PER (Price to earnings ratio), PtoB (value to book ratio) and g (growth)
8 How to value a seasonal company discounting cash flows
9 Equity premium: historical, expected, required and implied
10 CAPM: an absurd model
11 CAPM: the model and 307 comments about it
12 The equity premium in 150 textbooks
13 Market Risk Premium and Risk-Free Rate used for 69 countries in 2019: a survey
14 Are calculated betas good for anything?
15 Beta = 1 does a better job than calculated betas
16 Valuing real options: frequently made errors
17 Value of tax shields (VTS): 3 theories with “some” common sense
18 Internet valuations: the case of Terra-Lycos
19 Valuation of Internet-related companies
20 Valuation of brands and intellectual capital
21 Interest rates and company valuation
22 Dividends and share repurchases
23 How inflation destroys value: taxes
24 119 common errors in company valuations
24 119 common errors in company valuations